Omega Hydro Peel 2


Omega Hydro Peel 2 Generation, a  microdermabrasion that moisturize your skin


A skin cleaning treatment that doesn’t feel dry or prickling

A skin rejuvenation with water jet peel

Clean skin while replenishing water to skin
There is no dry, or feeling tight that caused by ordinary Microdermabrasion

No congestion, a painless comfortable treatment

No needles, no congestion, no pain

Safe treatment with no infections post-treatment



No irritation, no peeling off skin

Significant effect for inflammatory skin

Some treatment that controls sebum can cause skin dryness

With Omega Hydro Peel 2, while controling sebum at the same time providing moisture to the skin

Increase skin moisture to lower skin temperature

By applying AHA that continuously enhances skin’s moisture

Omega Hydro Peel 2 increase the skin’s moisture capacity

Making skin feels like just finish shower

Making skin glow with radiance

omega hydro peel


Iontophoresis Tip

The Iontophoresis tip generates a small but intermittent electric current that is specifically made to stimulate the skin and deliver our ampoule into the skin.

It enhance the penetration of active ingredients


Targeted different skin types with different ampoule

Not only basic hydro jet peel cleaning device,

It is also an iontophoresis beauty device







Using a powerful diamond tip for acnes scar

Omega aqua peel 2nd generation is the latest technology of moisturizing skin care. With its ow special solution containing NMF ingredients to reduce skin irritation. Came with high-end special diamond tip which provides powerful treatment for fine lines, scars, and pores, etc. The use of fruit acids, salicylic acid, NMF natural moisturizing factors and special ampoules solution can achieve a variety of results.



Deliver active components to hypodermis by the moment high voltage transmission after changing an E/P tip



More effective peeling function by changing the Diamond tip


3. Customizable ampoule

You can customize it with effective peeling mode and nutrition mode!!

(Solution mode / Ampoule mode / Solution + ampoule mode)



RED+BLUE LED cross illumination has a PDT effect!!


RED (Skin regeneration, boosts blood circulation, trouble skin soothing)

BLUE (Acne care, sebum care, infection care, trouble skin care)

RED+BLUE LED cross illumination has a PDT effect!!



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