Our Company

Youngyi Medical was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Since our establishment, we have been committed to becoming a leading organization in bioengineering.
Based on research in the fields of human tissues, blood cell regeneration and anti-aging, we provide experience and technical skills for the creation of beauty products, with the aim of pursuing beauty to the society. At present, Youngyi Medical has focused its research and development on the hyaluronic acid range and is committed to becoming a leader in hyaluronic acid manufacturing. Our company not only engages in the import and export business of medical devices, medical cosmetics, medical care products, etc. We are distributors of major Korean made medical devices and engages in the business areas of OEM products for overseas customers.
We have developed the fourth generation of Korea’s skin boosters product and Glamour series. We hope that those who use it will be grateful in mind just like Glamour’s Korean name 감명.Our products continue to be innovative, and we are improving!

Our aims & goals

Youngyi medical

Our goal is to become a social company that develops biological products for the purpose of promoting beauty to the society.

Our mission is to lead the manufacture of beauty products and continuously contribute to the health of the people by continuously improving quality standards.

Our core values include customer satisfaction, the pursuit of universal beauty, and the virtues of sharing.

Youngyi Medical uses human management thinking based on the importance of human resources. All profits are shared by our employees under our core values: shared virtues.


Company history

洋溢医药Youngyi Medical was established in 2015. Our company has just started to establish its sales of medical equipment since then. We are the China market distubutors of Omega brands of beauty device & products which is manufactured by ES Medical Korea. We are also distributors for MOOFACE injectors, and other Korean beauty equipments. Since 2016, our business has been continuously updated, we became a major distributor of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

In 2017, we developed Glamour skin boosters, the fourth generation of skin boosters in Korea. In 2018, we became Vline lipolysis main distributor in China market.


2016 Beijing Beauty Expo

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2017 Korea KIMES Expo

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2017 Wuhan Beauty Expo

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2017 Korea COEX Anti-Anging Expo

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2017 Kunming Medical Device Expo

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2017 Beyond Beauty Bangkok Expo

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2017 Jeju Esthetic Expo







2018 KIMES Expo

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