MJ Mesotherapy Gun (vacuum)

MJ skinboosters injection gun

MJ Mesotherapy Gun with suction, a portable skin boosters injector

The mesotherapy injection gun is a type of mesotheray injection device. The equipment is used to inject the skin boosters with digital setting of amount, depth, and position. With suctions on, the injector can sucks the skin and inject the skin boosters into your desired depth. With suction is on, the skin boosters can easily inject into the skin without leaking. It allows skin booster to deliver directly to the skin’s desired depth to wakes up cell regeneration from the demise layer. At the same time, when hyaluronic acid gets into skin demise, it will absorb a lot of water to make our skin moisture. Please drink a lot of water after treatment. Once when finish mesotherapy treatment, immediately apply the Glamour Bio-cellulose repair mask on the skin. It will accelerate the skin recovery together with the OMEGA  LED phototherapy light, leave the mask on with the red LED light for 20 mintues. Please apply the regeneration cream and sunblock after treatment. Sunblock is very important when there are tiny wounds on the skin. Rejuvenation masks and regenerating creams need to be applied within one week, and a regeneration management process is performed one week after treatment, so that the skin can be ideally moist, plump, full and glossy.

The content of water in the skin determines is the “visual age” of the skin. Skinbooster puts a elastic support of the skin surface, allowing the skin to drink enough water, and makes overall face looking younger and frim. In South Korea, Skinboosters Mesotherapy has become the most popular anti-aging treaments for celebrities, fashionistas and aesthetic experts! Now let your skin be as moist and shiny as celebrities, just like a new life.


mj mesotherapy gun

Product Composition


USB cable x1, suction tube x2,Vacuum filter x1,injection gun x1



skinboosters injector

skinboosters injection gun

User Menu

  • Prepare a 3ml new syringe
  • Retract the plunger of the syringe

  • Turn on the power

  • Before the injection syringe is twisted into the push rod of the instrument, confirm the position of the push rod first, and press the forward or backward key to adjust the position of the push rod.

  • The syringe is twisted into the instrument’s push rod in a clockwise direction to fix it.

  • The vacuum filter is fixed to the instrument as shown below

  • Connect the fastener to the instrument through the syringe and tighten the button to secure the syringe and instrument

  • Turn the needle in a clockwise direction and fix it to the syringe

  • Connect vacuum filter and needle with suction tube

  • As shown in the figure below, let the injection gun facing upwards. Use the forward button to eject the air from the syringe and needle.。

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