Ice Shot Injector

Ice Shot skinboosters injector

Ice Shot Mesotherapy Injector

1. ICE SHOT Product configuration

Model No. : ICE SHOT
Rated voltage and frequency : AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz. 50VA Negative pressure : mmHg ± 20%
Product Name : Electric Drug Syringe A79010.01


2. ICE SHOT Mesotherapy Injector Introduction

Ice Shot Injector is an innovative skin boosters injector system (with Suction Screw Multi Needle) utilizing Ice Shot Aspirator. ICESHOT is the third generation Korean made first hyaluronic injector equipped with cooling handpiece that has RED light function and It has Ice anesthesia that functions and promotes skin reproduction. Its own Suction Screw Multi needle consisting of 9 needles is easily injected to the firm inject-sites. Ice Shot Aspirator makes inject-sites firm by pulling it upward with suction. This procedure occurs simultaneously and injection can be made surprisingly easily and fast. If you inject hyaluronic after (-15)Ice anesthesia on the target area, the pain will be reduced and the patient will also feel relaxed. In addition to this, after injecting Ice massage and emitting 640mn RED light on the skin, the swelling subsides and recovers. Ice Shot can be adjust auto injection mode to manual injection mode, it’s very convenient and easy to use.

Applicable customer group:

  1. Dry and rough skin

     2. Mixed skin which lack of moisture and elasticity at the same time

     3. Dull skin

     4. Fine lines

     5. Skin preparation for important events such as graduations, weddings and interviews

    6. Skin that causes various problems during the season


3. ICE SHOT instruction
3-1. Smart AUTO SUCTION INJECTOR instruction

  • Compatible with other brands of needles, easy to set-up functions and menus that anyone can use – just paste it on the skin to automatically complete the injection. No need to press keys manually
  • As long as the skin is touched, suction will be on and skin boosters are injected into the skin at the same time – disposable filters and suction tubes are used to make management more hygienic.
  • Injected with cooling massage function can fully absorb the skin boosters evenly without leaking.
  • When the solution in the syringe is used up, the automatic back-off function will be on, which is more convenient – in order to achieve more accurate and stable operation, the built-in setting can perfectly set the needle and the needle tube fixed.

ice shot vacuum injector


ice shot injector

3-2. Ice cooling anesthesia massager

Using ice massager to massage skin before operation reduces pain, redness and heat. Helps to quickly respond to wounds and bruises, edema and other effects.

3-3. LED RED LIGHT Red Light Regeneration

Wavelength : 640nm
Penetration depth of skin penetration : 1~6mm skin cells regeneration / promote blood
Recycle wound regeneration / improve aging / calm skin.



4-1. How to use the injection handle

1 ice handle and injection handle link with body.

2 Install the needle (see below).


ice shot mesotherapy injector

3 Fix the syringe with the locking device. (As shown below) (Please note that if the screw rotates in the opposite direction, there is a possibility of falling.)

iceshot injection gun

4 The needle and filter are inserted into the needle handle and are connected with the tube. – Three kinds of sterilization needles available (1PIN, 5PIN, 9PIN)

ice shot mesotherapy gun

5 Press SET to end SETUP. (See SETUP)


7 Use the injection knob ▲/ ▼ to adjust the air inside the syringe.

8 Press the Dose activator button to place the injection handle on the injection site and start the injection. When the Shot is over, there will be a “click” sound, move the injection handle to another location, and continue the injection.

9 The machine stops operating when “0” is on COUNT. When you press the ▼ key, the machine will reset, and then replace the injection after resetting completely.

4-2. Injector Handle

1 When Set up – S key on the injection handle is pressed, the digits in the entire display flash, and the mode can be adjusted later.

2 Press “TYPE” key to select syringe specification (If you do not know syringe manufacturer, set to S mode)

3 Press“LEVEL ▶ ”key to select the injection volume

4 COUNT is automatically displayed according to the Syringe specification and injection volume.
5. Press SET (S key) to end the setting.
6 Use the “◀” “▶” key to release the air remaining in the needle and use it.



ice shot mesotherapy injection machine

4-3. How to Use Iced Handle

Ice shot


1 Select the time of operation. (Composed of 10 minutes, 20 minutes, and 30 minutes.)



2 Press START/STOP on the host computer to select start and stop. )

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