Vline Lipolysis injection, a none surgical lipodissolving treatment for fat dissolving

What is Lipodissolve injection?  All facts about lipolysis treatment, a fat dissolving mesotherapy

Lipodissolve Injection is  the non-surgical treatment that eliminates fats. It is also called fat melt or fat dissolving injections. Lipodissolve ingredients are injected directly into the area of undesired fat, within’ a week or so after treatment, fat goes dissolve.

vline fat dissolve injection

How does fat dissolving mesotherapy works?

Fat cells are spherical cells with its fatty content contained in a membrane – just like a water balloon. The lipodissolve injection is based on the natural polyene phosphatidylcholine, which is mixed with a certain formulation and directly injected to subcutaneous fat deposits.  Lipid is the main content of the cell membrane and when it touches the lipodissolve ingredients, it bursts – like popping a water balloon. The injection will damage the cell membrane of adipocytes, thus rendering the necrosis of adipocytes, followed by automatic emulsification and lysis. Then they will be excreted into the lymph circulation and metabolized outside the human body by the liver.

lipodissolve injection

  • Anti-cellulite

Isoflavone extracts inhibit Adipocyte proliferation

  • Metabolism activation

L-carnitine delivers fatty acids to Mitochondria & activates TCA-Cycle


What does are the ingredients of lipodissolve injection?

lipolysis treatment

Fat cell dissolving process

Fat Dissolving Process

Decompose the adipocytes by injection into the desired site and remove them by lymphatic drainage or by gall bladder and urine.

Lipolysis treatment machanism

fat dissolving injection

Post-treatment Adipocyte dissolving

Reduces the active ingredient in the subcutaneous fat layer and boost up Adipocyte dissolving

Lipodissolve Injection before after

There are numerous medications that are known to shrink and destroy the fat cells – PPC (phosphatidylcholine) is one of the well known ingredients and it is found in soya bean plant.  Unfortunately, PPC alone is usually insufficient in obtaining the desired result. L-carnitine is recognized as weight management supplement since 1980. It burns fat and it is proven by academic research.  Fats enter the cell mitochondria to burn, but fat cells can’t enter the mitochondria without L-carnitine. Fat burning is difficult  in the absence of L-carnitine. For this reason, V-Line A Solution came with mixture of L-carnitine and that have shown to be effective in fat reduction is used to maximise the result. Algae extracts are also added into VLine A Solution to help improve fine lines on skin, and it helps to keeping the skin firm even after fat dissolved.


V Line-A Solution is manufactored by BR Pharm in South Korea.

For face: 1 box/ 5 vials / 10ML x 5

For body: 1 box/ 3 vials / 30ML x 3

Ingredient : Soy Isoflavone Ferment. Visnadine, L-Carnitine, Escin, Theophyline
V Line A solution combines phosphatidylcholine & L-Carnitine together to maximize the result. It dissolves fat and removes cellulite, also it gives elasticity to the skin by generating collagen for lifting effect.
vline lipolysis treatment


Once a week, 3 to 4 treatments in a month. Injected into fat layers. Can’t be use around eyes.

Dose: 0.5cc~1cc interval, 30cc maximum in one day.

Lipodissolve dose

lipolysis treatment area


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